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GNEE supports the development of primary sources for innovations and technologies that will impact sustainable energy in the future by delivering dramatic technological shifts for innovations, ensuring the latest energy enhancement methods are used in existing industrial processes, equipment, materials, and introducing new trends to accelerate education in support of those programs .

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GNEE Directions

Select a contribution for the GNEE program’s development and support. All contributions are tax deductible and are applied to the selected program of your choice (GNEE Federal Tax ID Number: 13-3593039).

Selected Programs

Impact to THERMOPEDIA are in U.S. dollars and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by U.S. law. THERMOPEDIA's tax ID number is 13-3593039. Please print or save this message for your personal records.
All institutional donors with over $100 dollars contribution will be receiving a letter of recognition and formal receipt.