Disseminate, support, and share information on emerging and traditional energy related forefront scientific endeavors. Support international collaborations between academia, industries, and business professionals by providing opportunities and communication exchanges among researchers, practicing engineers, entrepreneurs, and venture capital professionals, and formulating strategies that lead to developments of early-stage inventions to prosperous growth and full-scale technologies.


The Global Network for Energy and Environment (GNEE), founded 1981, has been a forefront organization supporting students, researchers, and practicing engineers working on energy research and in technology-related fields. We collaborate with academic and research institutions, start-ups, R&D and industrial outlets to create cutting-edge projects by setting up an innovative framework of teams and assisting in funding advanced project opportunities.

GNEE, with its partners, disseminates knowledge, information, and data to advance educational and business outreach from a fundamental level to advanced forefront research, applied sciences and technologies.

Board of Directors